Saturday, March 20, 2010

View From The Top

CraniuMS has reclaimed our #1 Top Team Fundraiser position! After being temporarily repositioned to #2 by Team Gillispie 10 "Revelation", the hard work of our fundraising efforts paid off this week earning us back the right to call ourselves #1! But lets face it, #2 is still worthy of being proud, or any other place for that matter as we have already proved that we are are force to be reckoned have the best supporters for this worthwhile cause! Still unbelievably impressive for a small group of people and our family and friends to have made a name for ourselves at an event such as the MS Walk across the Twin Cities! To put it into perspective just how awesome we are, lets learn a little more about Team Gillispie 10 "Revelation" to see just how honored we are to even be considered in the ranks of their company.

The first Team Gillispie walk started in 2000. They had 6 people and raised $6,000! Over the last 9 years, Team Gillispie has expanded. To date, they have raised $650,000 and this year they have 11 events in 5 states. At the end of last year they set a goal of $350,000 for this year so their 9 year total would top $1,000,000! One Million Dollars!

Does that story sound familiar? CraniuMS is in our 2nd year of participating in the MS Walk. During our first year we had 7 people and raised $1800. This year with still over a month to go we have 26 people and have raised $7510! We are well onto our way of meeting, and most likely exceeding, our goal of $10,000! And it could not be possible without the hard work of our team and our generous supporters.

We are at the start of our existence in this journey against MS. I can only hope that 8 years from now we too can say we are approaching raising $1,000,000 for the National MS Society. I think of what the next 8 years may bring. Will they find a cure? Will there be better medication? Will we one day support this cause because we fought it head on and won? Again, it reminds me of what this means for the people affected by MS, and that is the hope it brings for a better tomorrow.

One Million Or Bust!
"Captain Crunch"

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