Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Goal [gohl] -noun

What has CraniuMS been up to lately? It has been a busy week and yet CraniuMS is still hard at work trying to reach our goal of raising $10,000! We have but one week left of March. Will we make our goal to stay on track and raise $3100 in the month of March to bring our grand total to $8300? With just $640 left of making our March goal i think we are in a good position to succeed and exceed!

Since the members of CraniuMS have been working so hard in spreading the word against MS and recruiting support, i want to take a moment to congratulate those who are working hard to meet their individual goals and who are going above and beyond the call of duty!

Jonathan Stupsky: Goal $2000 - Achieved $1295
Megan Heuer: Goal $1000 - Achieved $1000
Sarah Postula: Goal $1000 - Achieved $888
Sally Woodward: Goal $800 - Achieved $835
Stacy Geyer: Goal $500 - Achieved $395
Bridget Heuer: Goal $500 - Achieved $385
Miranda Bailey-Quick: Goal $1000- Achieved $370
Lyndsay Bosley: Goal $500 - Achieved $355
Rocky Woodward: Goal $200 - Achieved $332
Moses Ancheta: Goal $200 - Achieved $300
Heather Heuer: Goal $500 - Achieved $295
Laura Hegeman: Goal $300 - Achieved $250
Danielle Stupsky: Goal $200 - Achieved $250
Sharon Stupsky: Goal $200 - Achieved $215
James Geyer: Goal $200 - Achieved $210
Joseph Stupsky: Goal $200 - Achieved $200
Misty Barbeaux: Goal $200 - Achieved $85
Cassie Fossitt: Goal $200 - Achieved $30
Janette Ellis: Goal $100
Michael Hunter: Goal $100
Katie Lee: Goal $200
Tracy Monson: Goal $200
Liz Rezac: Goal $200
Jared Stupsky: Goal $200
Ryan Stupsky: Goal $200
Patrick Vilson: Goal $200

Did you know that if each and every member of CraniuMS were to meet their own goal we would raise $11,100! Lets take a closer look at what a goal really is...

Goal [gohl] -noun: the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

According to the dictionary, CraniuMS has already met our goal. Our effort is to drive awareness and create a positive environment around which Multiple Sclerosis exists in everyday life. We aim to shed some light on this issue and encourage the same passion and encouragement in this fight against MS. Our end is to put an end to Multiple Sclerosis once and for all!

Be all that you can be!
"Captain Crunch"

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