Sunday, February 28, 2010

Month In Review

For the shortest month of the year, we sure did make the most of every day! To see how far we've come, lets take a look at we've done thus far!

Day 1-12: CraniuMS 2010 embarks on creating their team!
Day 13: $970 raised in our first week as a team!
Day 14: Made a name for ourselves by debuting at #8 on the Top Ten Team Fundraiser list!
Day 15: Recruiting more members, we become the 3rd largest team in the Twin Cities!
Day 16: $2152.23 raised!
Day 19: Topped the charts at #1, where we will remain!
Day 21: We reach our first goal and raised $3536.01!
Day 22: We set our sights high with a new goal of $10,000!!!
Day 23: CraniuMS reaches 100 supporters!
Day 26: $4845 raised!
Day 27: We hit the $5000 milestone!!!
Day 28: $5195 raised and our 26th member joins, making us tied as the largest team in the Twin Cities! Welcome Laura Hegeman to CraniuMS!

With all this excitement in one short month, I can hardly wait to see what March and April bring as we prepare to set out May 2nd to walk for a cure! Yet another reminder of the bigger purpose beyond the monetary value of all of this, which is being able to look forward in time with excitement and hope in the unknowing world of Multiple Sclerosis.

Thank you to all who have made February the most outstanding month and taking part in this amazing event put on by the National MS Society! Only 63 days left, lets make every one count!

Farewell February,
"Captain Crunch"

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Half Way There!

Today CraniuMS has gone above and beyond and reached the $5000 mark!!! We have come such a long way in just a short amount of time. We set out to double what we raised in our first year and what we are accomplishing day by day is nothing short of astonishment. After reaching our initial goal of $3500 in the blink of an eye we are now setting out to reach $10,000. Just 3 weeks in and 9 more to go i have not a doubt in my mind that we won't get there.

How is all of this possible? What we know is that it wouldn't be possible without the ambitious efforts of each member of CraniuMS and the individual donations that come in on their behalf. CraniuMS is still holding the #1 spot on the Top Ten Team Fundraiser list and not only that, but TWO of our members have broke through the Top Ten Individual Fundraiser list! Megan Heuer is climbing her way up the list and sitting at #7 with $865 and Jonathan Stupsky made his debut at #9 with $740. I can't wait for the day when our entire team fills the Top Ten list, which i believe we are capable of! I'd like to recognize each of our efforts thus far and cheer on the ones who have made this possible!

CraniuMS is making a name for themselves in the world of Multiple Sclerosis and our efforts to help the National MS Society help those affected by MS. To celebrate this milestone that we have reached today I'd like to showcase our new team logo!

If you lead, they will follow!

"Captain Crunch"

Friday, February 26, 2010

For Your Reading Pleasure

CraniuMS is growing larger and larger everyday, both in money raised ($4845!!) and members joined. Lets take a moment to welcome Katie Lee and Ryan Stupsky to the team!

After spending an afternoon inside a Barnes & Noble today, I eventually found myself meandering over to a lonely shelving unit of books under the category "Medicine." Granted i have taken many a trips to the "Self Improvement" section which sits directly opposite, i have never paid it much attention. So today i gave it a shot and looked for anything on Multiple Sclerosis. After a few hit and misses and looking online, i was able to put together a list of reads for the CraniuMS bookworm. MS Awareness week is fast approaching starting March 8th. What better way to advocate awareness than becoming educated on the very topic we rally for! I hope you feel inspired to enlighten yourselves and immerse yourself in a good book for a good cause!

MS Basics
The First Year—Multiple Sclerosis: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed
by Margaret Blackstone

When the Diagnosis Is Multiple Sclerosis
by Kym Orsetti Furney, MD

Multiple Sclerosis: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed
by Nancy J. Holland, RN, EdD, T. Jock Murray, MD, Stephen C. Reingold, PhD

Multiple Sclerosis For Dummies
by Rosalind Kalb, Nancy Holland, Barbara Giesser

Multiple Sclerosis: The Questions You Have—The Answers You Need
by Rosalind C. Kalb, PhD

Healthy Living and Symptom Management
Multiple Sclerosis: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier
by Shelley Peterman Schwarz

Managing the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis
by Randall T. Schapiro, MD

Living With Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: Overcoming the Challenges
by Patricia K. Coyle, M.D., June Halper, MSN, ANP, FAAN

MS and Your Feelings: Handling the Ups and Downs of Multiple Sclerosis
by Allison Shadday, LCSW

Multiple Sclerosis: A Self-Care Guide To Wellness
by Nancy J. Holland, MSCN, EdD, June Halper, MSN, RN

Multiple Sclerosis: Understanding the Cognitive Challenges
by Nicholas LaRocca, PhD and Rosalind Kalb, PhD

Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis
by Allen C. Bowling, MD, PhD

Family and Caregivers
The Comfort of Home, Multiple Sclerosis Edition: An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide for Caregivers
by Maria M. Meyer and Paula Derr

Multiple Sclerosis: A Guide for Families
by Rosalind C. Kalb, PhD

Funding the Cure: Helping a Loved One with MS through Charitable Giving to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society
by Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, MBA, JD

Employment, Insurance, and Money Matters
Employment Issues and Multiple Sclerosis
by Phillip D. Rumrill Jr., PhD, Mary Hennessey, PhD, Steve W. Nissen

Personal Stories
Courage: One Woman's Dream and the Mighty Effort to Conquer Multiple Sclerosis
by Richard Trubo

Fall Down, Laughing: How Squiggy Caught Multiple Sclerosis and Didn't Tell Nobody
by David L. Lander

People With MS With the Courage to Give
by Jackie Waldman

Blindsided—Lifting a Life Above Illness: A Reluctant Memoir
by Richard M. Cohen

Although i cannot personally recommend any of the books on this list, i have ordered "Funding the Cure: Helping a Loved One with MS through Charitable Giving to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society" and hope to put it to good use for our team CraniuMS!

Happy Reading,
"Captain Crunch"

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sylvia Lawry

If you think any one issue is too big for you alone to take head on, I challenge you to read the story of Sylvia Lawry and walk away uninspired.

Sylvia Lawry (pictured in the left) was born in Brooklyn in 1915. While attending college to become a lawyer, her younger brother Bernard (pictured in the right) began experiencing visual and balance problems. These problems proved to be early symptoms of MS. For several years the family pursued cures without success and one day Ms. Lawry placed a small classified notice in The New York Times in 1945: “Multiple Sclerosis. Will anyone recovered from it please communicate with patient.”

More than 50 replies came back from individuals as desperate as she to find encouraging news about MS. It was then that Sylvia Lawry realized the need for an organized effort to finance and stimulate research into the cure, treatment, and cause of Multiple Sclerosis. On March 11, 1946, Ms. Lawry, one lone woman, gathered 20 of the nation’s most prominent research scientists and founded what today is known as the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. From these humble beginnings, Ms. Lawry lived her life in devotion to the pursuit of a world free of MS.

As Bernard’s health continued to weaken, eventually succumbing to MS-related causes in 1972, Sylvia Lawry recognized there were millions just like her brother in need of help. With the help of Senator Charles Tobey of New Hampshire, who had a daughter with MS, Ms. Lawry personally lobbied Congress and convinced them to adopt legislation on August 15, 1950, establishing what is now the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). Until then, government interest in MS was minimal with research expenditures only totaling approximately $14,000. Since then, government appropriations to the Institute have steadily increased, until today they have passed the $1.5 billion milestone, approximately $110 million which directly impacts multiple sclerosis.

Sylvia Lawry pursued her dream of an MS-free world for more than half a century. Although her vision for a cure is not yet a reality, the National MS Society that she alone founded has devoted more than $600 million to MS research since 1946. The passion and hard work of one young woman has resulted in an organization that today has a 50-state network of chapters expending nearly $126 million a year to serve over one million people and which devotes more than $46 million each year to support over 440 research projects internationally., the Society’s web site, receives nearly two million visitors each month. Momentum, the Society’s award-winning quarterly magazine has a readership of over one million.

Sylvia Lawry was an unlikely activist. After her brother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis she recognized that there were other families across the nation touched by MS, like hers, that needed support and resources to help deal with the disease. Sylvia Lawry was one young amazing woman who became the change she wanted to see in the world.
Sylvia Lawry: 1915-2001

And you thought you were just one person!

Dream Big,
“Captain Crunch”

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our Furry Friends

It doesn't matter how big or small, how young or old, or even if you choose to walk on two legs or four. Support for CraniuMS is coming from everyone and everywhere! A few of our canine and feline friends have been popping up on our donation pages, and it has us wondering who these animal supporters are... Lets get to know our furry friends a little better and thank them for joining the movement, all four legs and all!

Polly is the daughter of CraniuMS member James Geyer & Stacy Geyer. She was rescued from the Grayling Shelter on July 17th, 2007. They said she was a Beagle/Dashaund mix, but James & Stacy don't believe it because she is larger than those two breeds and weighs 50 pounds! They actually got a DNA test to determine what her breeds are and are awaiting results. She is now just over 3 years old and is their "child". She loves her daily walk and loves to go for rides in the car. She also loves to chase squirrels and deer. They should not be in her yard!! Polly really is a part of the Geyer family and they can't imagine their life without her. Give a big CraniuMS clap to Polly for donating to CraniuMS!

Tinker, also known as Tink and Pumperknickle, was adopted from Megan Heuer by grandparents Rocky Woodward & Kathy Woodward. Tink loves to play in the water, chase the dogs, and can meow your ear off all day long. She loves to cuddle and is a kitten at heart.

Boots, also known as Puma, is our other feline supporter and is the daughter of Rocky & Kathy Woodward. Boots loves to wait in unsuspecting corners of the house and attack anyone that might wander by. In her spare time she likes to sharpen her razor sharp claws and practice her human pouncing skills on wild birds. She loves her mommy though and proudly supports CraniuMS!

Gimli is the son of Daniel & Teresa Heuer. His legs may begin and end at his paws, but that doesn't stop him from running around and humping whatever he can get his paws on. Gimli is a Welsh Corgi and has hopes and dreams of one day starting a canine chapter for the National MS Society called "Corgi's For A Cause"! His favorite past time is chewing on his bone after dinner.

Mandy Jo is a 5 year old Chocolate Lab and the daughter of Rocky Woodward & Kathy Woodward. Mandy LOVES to chase after her ball and swim whenever she can. She is referred to as a "gentle giant". She spends a lot of time with her tail between her legs after getting in trouble from swiping food off the counter. Mandy also loves to play around in the snow!

Stella is a 5 year old Pug and the daughter of Jonathan Stupsky & Heather Heuer. Her favorite things are playing dress up, scooting on the carpet, and blowing snot in your face. She's a heavy breather and loves to snore at night and hates the water. Don't let her hyper personality fool you though, because he favorite thing in the world is spooning up next to you and cuddling on the couch. Stella will represent her fellow furry friends who have donated by walking in this years MS Walk!

Lets all put our paws together for one big CraniuMS clap and our furry supporters who saved all their treats in order to donate to our cause! Make a donation on behalf of your pet and email with a picture to have them recognized on our blog.

Keep your tails wagging,

"Captain Crunch"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Hundred Thanks

Today CraniuMS reached ONE HUNDRED sponsors! Together with the help of these 100 supporters CraniuMS has raised a total of $3936.10. This puts us 40% closer to our newer, bigger, badder goal of $10,000!

Approximately 400,000 Americans have MS, and every week about 200 more people are diagnosed. Each supporter of CraniuMS brings us one step closer to a cure. Each and every person involved in this fundraising campaign is important, and with 100 more people aware of Multiple Sclerosis they in turn can inspire 100 more people to get involved! CraniuMS is creating a community and network of supporters, all who are affected in one way or another by Multiple Sclerosis.

Did you know that not a day has gone by that CraniuMS has not received a donation? We have proven that we can start out strong and stay strong! Did you also know that our average donation is approximately $40/person? With 68 days until the MS Walk, if we kept this momentum going and raised just $40 a day we would raise an additional $2720.

Don't forget to visit our donation honor roll to the right of our blog and recognize those that have decided to join the movement and support CraniuMS! Many thanks to the hard work of the team and the generosity of our supporters!

"Captain Crunch"

Monday, February 22, 2010

One Cup Closer To A Cure!

Looking for a creative new fundraising idea? Sell MS Empowerment Blend, 100% Arabica Coffee! The Empowerment Blend is a combination of Colombian, Guatemalan and Sumatra beans that have been roasted to dark perfection for the ultimate richness and aroma that all coffee enthusiasts love. The Empowerment Blend is "A bold, complex blend to help you do something about MS now!" Empowerment Blend is fresh roasted to ensure maximum quality and freshness. Each case of 24 are packaged in 12 oz. bags.

How it works...

Step 1: Determine Your Fundraising Goal
  • Determine the number of bags of coffee you will need to sell.
  • Your cost- $6.00 per bag
  • Resell each bag of coffee for $10.00 per bag to raise $100.00 towards Multiple Sclerosis or accept a donation of any amount for a bag of coffee in return!

Step 2: Start Your Fundraising Campaign

  • Decide whether to order your coffee and sell it or if you want to take pre-orders and deliver coffee back to your MS supporters
  • Download the forms you will need and start your fundraising campaign by taking orders and collecting payment in advance

Step 3: Place Your Order

  • Place your order by calling Berry Coffee @ 952-937-8697 and use Order Item #85580
  • Payment is due when order is placed and all orders are shipped in 10 business days

Put a creative twist on your fundraising efforts and support us one cup at a time to bring us closer to a cure! If you are not a member of CraniuMS email to order your bag and support our team today!

"Captain Crunch"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

We Reached Our Goal!!!

They say it takes a village. They weren't joking. We challenged our supporters to be the change they want to see in the world. Clearly, i underestimated everyone! Because of the hard work of the team and the compassion shown by our supporters, CraniuMS was able to succeed our goal in just two weeks!! Everyone give yourselves a great big CraniuMS clap for taking part in our success and raising $3526.01!

Everyone is rallying and the excitement is contagious. Megan Heuer is closing in on $1000, Jonathan Stupsky broke the $500 mark, and everyone is stepping up their game in support of those living with and affected by Multiple Sclerosis. Lets all keep spreading the word and work towards a new goal! We can prove that anything is possible with a sprinkle of passion and a little bit of drive! Lets set out to reach $10,000! I have no doubt in my mind that we will accomplish this task.

Reach for the stars,
"Captain Crunch"

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Difference A Dollar Makes!

Although it may appear that our fundraising efforts have just began these past two weeks, our very first donations for the 2010 MS Walk came in from a couple dozen of Jon & I's wedding guests back in September when we announced that proceeds from the traditional dollar dance were to benefit the National MS Society. So away we danced with each guest to start raising money! We were able to raise $197 from our wedding, to which it will fall under the donation Heuer-Stupsky Dollar Dance.

Of course, after we danced with each of our guests we took some time to dance with each other, as husband and wife!


A contribution, no matter how big or small, matters and makes a difference. Thank you to all of our wedding guests who donated their dollars to help the National MS Society!

Mr. & Mrs,
Jonathan Stupsky & Heather Heuer

Friday, February 19, 2010

We're #1!

We're not #5...Not #4, #3, #2... WE'RE #1!!!!! CRA-NI-UMS! (For all us DHS alumni)

It's official. We are a force to be reckoned with. Taking the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul by storm, CraniuMS has made our official debut at #1 in the Top Ten Fundraising Teams chart. Closing out last night at an impressive $3001.01 and proving that even a penny makes a difference, we pulled ahead of Paula’s Party by a whole track jacket (AKA $500)!

Of course it couldn't have been done without the outstanding efforts of our team members and our support network! When it comes to networks, Facebook has been shown to be the #1 tool in our fundraising efforts this year. Stacy Geyer and Miranda Bailey-Quick sent out a challenge to all of their Facebook friends explaining that if each friend donated $20 they could each raise about $4000! Lyndsay Bosley showed her competitive spirit and challenged her friends to support and donate to her in hopes of closing in and taking the lead over Megan Heuer. She also linked to our blog, which is a great tool to spread the word and let our supporters be part of the team and track our progress. And lets not forget Bridget Heuer, who raised close to $300 within two hours of posting her link on Facebook!

If you’re following our journey and support our cause, I challenge you to post our link on your facebook page and urge your friends to join the movement and support CraniuMS in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Linking to our page is easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Go to your wall

2. Under the box where you type your status or comment hit the link icon to the right of attach and either type or copy & paste the link to our page (

3. Click "Attach", type in your personal message, click "Share" and you're one step closer to helping us find a cure!

If you wish to help a specific team member of CraniuMS raise money, visit the part of our blog to the right and click to sponsor a member of CraniuMS. You can then copy and paste their URL to link directly to their page to donate! You'll be amazed at the difference you can make by posting our link to your facebook and reaching out to a whole network of supporters that we might not have otherwise reached. If there is anything that being #1 has shown, it is that EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

Last but certainly not least, lets give a giant CraniuMS clap to Danielle Stupsky & Miranda Bailey-Quick for joining the team!

Keep up the great work!
"Captain Crunch"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fun Fact

I'm sure the thought has crossed your mind. Where did the name CraniuMS come from? No, we aren't just fanatics of the Hasbro line of fun family games Cranium. It was actually a clever merging of what Multiple Sclerosis really is and a play on the letters "MS". Did you know we were almost called "The Boog Troop"?? Luckily, our own team member Danielle Stupsky suggested this clever team name for our first walk last year, and we took it and ran with it.

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks itself, specifically the myelin sheath, which is what surrounds and protects the nerves in our brain (hence, craniums! Get it? Brain...Cranium..CraniuMS!). When the myelin sheath becomes damaged, the nerve impulses in the brain will become interrupted, causing all of the different kinds of signs and symptoms associated with MS. To put it more simply, think of the nerves in our brain as electric wires. Wires are protected by rubber insulation. If the insulation were to become damaged and break off, the wire would lose its signal. I've found this short video that does a good job of illustrating what happens in Multiple Sclerosis.

This year for the 2010 walk we considered changing our team name to the "Yoop Troop." Something just didn't feel right in changing the name however, so we'll always be CraniuMS! I'm proud of our team and our great unique team name!

Keep S'myelin!
"Captain Crunch"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why all the fuss?

Everyone give a warm CraniuMS welcome to Misty Barbeaux and Michael Hunter for joining the team!

If you've been following CraniuMS' efforts so far you might be wondering what it's all for. What is evident is the money we are raising for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Among many things, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society supports more MS research. Research that could some day find a cure. Research to have medication in a pill form instead of the daily and weekly injections that can sometimes cause reactions. The National MS Society also offers more services for people with MS. Services like financial assistance to offset the extremely high cost of the disease modifying drugs used for treatment that average about $3000/month. Even with health insurance the copay may run upwards of $500 a month and for many this is the difference between being on the drug and not. Your donations help support assistance to lower these costs and give everyone with MS a fighting chance to stop the progression of their disease with treatment. The National MS Society also provides more professional education programs and furthers more MS advocacy efforts than any other MS organization in the world. Our efforts help to bring a voice to MS, to create awareness of the disease. All of these things are of equal importance and bring us one step closer to putting an end to MS.

What may not be as evident is what your support means on a personal level, beyond the monetary value that helps the cause. If you yourself are fighting MS or are the support system or caregiver for someone with MS, this walk is a chance to feel in control of something that feels out of control on a day to day basis. Someone with MS doesn't know if they'll wake up the next day and lose the function of their hand because of an exacerbation. They don't know if the problems they have when they walk will ever get better or worse. They can't control what happens next except to hope and have faith and a good attitude. This is exactly what your support does. It gives us back control. It gives us the control to see that we can make a difference, that YOU can make a difference. It creates a positive experience. During the 3 months that CraniuMS campaigns for awareness and donations it creates a feeling like we are invincible and gives us a break from the daily worry and instead gives us the chance to focus on something so unbelievably inspiring. The support touches and warms hearts and every day to log in and watch us get closer and closer to our goal because of everyday people, it makes us feel good about the disease and that having this and being passionate about the cause will bring something good out of a potentially bad situation.

I think that CraniuMS member Bridget Heuer said it best when she said "The difference between a good day and a bad day is how you choose to react." By being a part of all of this, it gives us a chance to be proactive instead of reactive. We can't control the bad days just as much as we can't control the good days, but controlling what we do with the cards dealt to us is what your support means.

"Captain Crunch"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whats in a day?

Who can believe that in the course of 24 hours there is so much to update already! Where do i even begin?!? Our team is ON FIRE, and i can't even keep up with the donations pouring in!!! What great effort by the members of CraniuMS. Even our friends and family sponsors are starting to have fun with this. Take Stacy Earl for example who donated $51.23, just to be funny and throw off our total!! Then there is also the fun had by sibling rivalry when Randy, Tricia, Luke & Emma decided to one-up Gretchen & Alan by donating $51 over their $50 donation. I'm glad to see that everyone is having fun with this.

First off, lets give a big CraniuMS welcome to James Geyer and Cassie Fossitt for joining the team!! CraniuMS is now the 2nd largest team in the Twin Cities with 19 members! It's never too late to join the movement.

While we're on the topic of rankings, one of our own broke through the Top Ten Individual Fundraisers list. Coming in at #8 with a whopping $651.23 in donations, lets give it up for (Drumroll............) MEGAN HEUER! Congrats Megan! Megan not only will receive the official MS Walk T-shirt and long sleeve shirt, but she now will receive an official MS Walk track jacket as well. You could also win a track jacket if you surpass a goal of $500! A few of us are getting closer, like Jon Stupsky who is at $290 and Bridget Heuer who in literally 2 hours raised $285!

Another exciting update today is the two milestones we reached. The first milestone was surpassing the $1800 that CraniuMS raised for last years 2009 MS Walk. We are now 60% closer to our goal of doubling that amount! Our second milestone was reaching the $2000 mark. What an accomplishment in only 8 days on the campaign trail! Donations are still coming in from everywhere and as of right now we are at $2152.23! This has bumped us to #3 in the Twin Cities! What an unbelievable accomplishment for a team of small town heroes with a common interest.

The efforts of our team and sponsors brings hope to the many out there who share in the battle of MS. It reminds me of a small quote that hung in our kitchen for many years that says "I do not fear tomorrow. For i have seen yesterday, and i love today."

Many Thanks,
"Captain Crunch"

Monday, February 15, 2010

Join The Movement

Did you know that CraniuMS is the 3rd largest team registered for the MS Walk in the Twin Cities with 17 members? What a feat, considering nearly 75% of walkers participate as part of a team and this year there will be roughly 7,400 team members dedicated to creating a world free of MS! We're not too far from being the largest either, with MoMS holding the lead at 25 members and Paula's Party having 18 members, just one more member than CraniuMS!

It's never too late to join the movement, and even if you are unable to walk at the event you can still be a part of this inspiring journey and help team CraniuMS raise funds to support the National MS Society! Visit this link to join us now! You can also join team CraniuMS by visiting our team page and clicking Join CraniuMS.

To meet the challenge of recruiting new team members, each newly registered participant will receive an official orange silicone MS Movement bracelet! Sporting this bracelet is a simple, yet fashionable way to raise MS Awareness! Get yours today!

Let's all wish Megan Heuer a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today. Megan is holding the #1 spot on the team leader board with a total of $370 in donations! Happy 31st birthday Megan!!!

Your team captain,
"Captain Crunch"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

We Made Top 10!

CraniuMS made the Top Ten Fundraising Team list!!! Coming in strong at #8, CraniuMS shows that we are a force to be reckoned with! I know if we keep working hard as a team and as a community that we can keep climbing our way to the top and fight back against MS! Here are the Top Ten Team Fundraisers for the Twin Cities:

1 - Paula's Party ($2,155.00)
2 - Miller's Milers ($2,150.00)
3 - Team Savage ($1,335.00)
4 - MoMS ($1,310.00)
5 - Wells' Walkers ($1,300.00)
6 - Quinn's Crew ($1,272.10)
7 - The "B" Team ($1,025.00)
8 - CraniuMS ($970.00)
9 - Live your life, not your MS ($905.00)
10 - Diane Sanders ($810.00)

We may be racing each other to the #1 spot, but we all have the same goal in mind and that is to raise money for this great cause! What better way to evoke the spirit of competition. I find a little healthy competition now and then is motivating and rewarding. At the end of the day we are all winners in this journey. Whether you are doing something as simple as spreading the word about Multiple Sclerosis or fundraising to support the National MS Society, all of our efforts are equally important. Lets give a big CraniuMS Clap for our teams Top Ten Fundraisers:

1- Megan Heuer ($320)
2- Jonathan Stupsky ($265)
3- Kathy Woodward ($100)
4- Rocky Woodward ($100)
5- Sarah Postula ($90)
6- Sharon Stupsky ($50)
7- Joe Stupsky ($50)
8- Lyndsay Bosley ($45)
9- Moses Ancheta ($25)
10- Heather Heuer ($25)

Did you know if you are registered for Walk MS: Twin Cities Walk 2010 and raise $125 you receive an official Walk MS t-shirt? Last years shirt can be seen in our team photo. Also, if you up the ante and raise $200 or more you receive the t-shirt AND an official long sleeve Walk MS shirt!

As we wrap up our first week i want to congratulate everyone, team members and sponsors alike. Also, i hope everyone has a fantastic Valentines Day and gets to spend it with a special friend, spouse, or family! Indulge in all the chocolate you want. After all, we Will be walking it off in a few months to come!

Thanks for your hard work!
"Captain Crunch"

Saturday, February 13, 2010

You & Me

What an exciting week so far! A big CraniuMS Clap to all of our team members for hitting the ground running and raising $970 in our first week! Whether you are a member of CraniuMS or a sponsor, be proud to know that your contribution makes a difference.

To keep the momentum going i've decided to add a bit of inspiration for your viewing pleasure. If i've learned anything this week it's that you and me together, we can do anything.

Keep up the good work!
"Captain Crunch"

Friday, February 12, 2010


Walk MS Team Week has almost come to an end, but with every end is a new beginning and so here we have the beginning of the Walk MS: Twin Cities Walk 2010 Team CraniuMS blog! This week I had one goal in mind, and that was to recruit a few team members and get started on the 2010 fundraising. Friends and family met this goal and the results have been nothing short of spectacular! The National MS Society has sponsored team contests all week long, and the efforts of our team have made us eligible to win all sorts of prizes.

The first daily contest kicked off Wednesday and the contest was simple: Recruit at least three team members to enter into a drawing to win five VIP parking passes on event day. Team CraniuMS of course rocked it, recruiting a total of 7 members that day.

The weeklong team contest was to achieve the greatest percentage increase of team members by noon Friday to win a rest stop in our team’s honor. Team CraniuMS kept the momentum from Wednesday going and recruited a total of 16 members by the contest deadline! Let’s hope this was enough to put us in the running for that rest stop!

Also this week there was an individual weeklong contest. The individual team member to raise $150 or more online between Monday and Friday at noon was entered into a drawing to win an iPod touch! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for our two eligible team members; Megan Heuer who raised $270 and Jonathan Stupsky who raised $195. Good luck you two!

Today’s team contest focuses on recruiting the most walkers again for a chance to win a pizza party. Let’s hope more people join Team CraniuMS and join in on our efforts! There is also one last individual contest today and it is to update your personal page for your name to be entered into a drawing to win a hooded sweatshirt, baseball cap or long-sleeved MS shirt! So go to your participant center and spruce up your personal page for your chance to win!

Good job this week team CraniuMS! Winners will be announced next week, so stay tuned!

Be sure to visit the Team CraniuMS webpage and either join the team or sponsor an individual team member. Bookmark us and tell your friends and family! Our website is

You can also find us on facebook! Search for our page under Walk MS: Twin Cities Walk 2010 Team CraniuMS. Become a member and invite your facebook friends and help us spread the word!

I leave you with the thought of our team slogan which is “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” In just 5 short days this phrase has come to life as I have witnessed an outpouring of support. We’ve had members join our team knowing they’ll be making the long trip from Michigan to Minnesota, I’ve seen friends of friends of friends on facebook post our message to donate and donations have poured in left and right. One person really does make a difference and if you’re reading this now you are proof.

Yours truly,
“Captain Crunch”