Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Hundred Thanks

Today CraniuMS reached ONE HUNDRED sponsors! Together with the help of these 100 supporters CraniuMS has raised a total of $3936.10. This puts us 40% closer to our newer, bigger, badder goal of $10,000!

Approximately 400,000 Americans have MS, and every week about 200 more people are diagnosed. Each supporter of CraniuMS brings us one step closer to a cure. Each and every person involved in this fundraising campaign is important, and with 100 more people aware of Multiple Sclerosis they in turn can inspire 100 more people to get involved! CraniuMS is creating a community and network of supporters, all who are affected in one way or another by Multiple Sclerosis.

Did you know that not a day has gone by that CraniuMS has not received a donation? We have proven that we can start out strong and stay strong! Did you also know that our average donation is approximately $40/person? With 68 days until the MS Walk, if we kept this momentum going and raised just $40 a day we would raise an additional $2720.

Don't forget to visit our donation honor roll to the right of our blog and recognize those that have decided to join the movement and support CraniuMS! Many thanks to the hard work of the team and the generosity of our supporters!

"Captain Crunch"

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