Monday, February 22, 2010

One Cup Closer To A Cure!

Looking for a creative new fundraising idea? Sell MS Empowerment Blend, 100% Arabica Coffee! The Empowerment Blend is a combination of Colombian, Guatemalan and Sumatra beans that have been roasted to dark perfection for the ultimate richness and aroma that all coffee enthusiasts love. The Empowerment Blend is "A bold, complex blend to help you do something about MS now!" Empowerment Blend is fresh roasted to ensure maximum quality and freshness. Each case of 24 are packaged in 12 oz. bags.

How it works...

Step 1: Determine Your Fundraising Goal
  • Determine the number of bags of coffee you will need to sell.
  • Your cost- $6.00 per bag
  • Resell each bag of coffee for $10.00 per bag to raise $100.00 towards Multiple Sclerosis or accept a donation of any amount for a bag of coffee in return!

Step 2: Start Your Fundraising Campaign

  • Decide whether to order your coffee and sell it or if you want to take pre-orders and deliver coffee back to your MS supporters
  • Download the forms you will need and start your fundraising campaign by taking orders and collecting payment in advance

Step 3: Place Your Order

  • Place your order by calling Berry Coffee @ 952-937-8697 and use Order Item #85580
  • Payment is due when order is placed and all orders are shipped in 10 business days

Put a creative twist on your fundraising efforts and support us one cup at a time to bring us closer to a cure! If you are not a member of CraniuMS email to order your bag and support our team today!

"Captain Crunch"

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