Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dollars & Sense

Happy Wednesday!

Today's team contest: Recruit at least three team members today and your team name goes into a drawing to win three gift certificates for one free hour of bowling, free pizza and pop at Treasure Island Resort and Casino.

Today’s individual contest: Send the most e-mails using your Participant Center and win a long-sleeved MS shirt.

Here's something you might not have been aware of! Every hour someone is diagnosed with MS. In the past seven days alone, 200 people have been diagnosed in the United States. For these people who are newly diagnosed and the hundreds of thousands of people already diagnosed, there is no cure, but there is hope because of committed supporters such as CraniuMS and our fundraising efforts as we prepare to Walk for MS. Research is progressing at an astounding rate and your dollar counts!

CraniuMS has raised $6690 so far. $345 of that has been raised this week alone during MS Awareness Week. Our fundraising dollars make an incredible difference for families living with MS. Here is just a sampling of how your donation has made a difference so far:
  • $25 can provide Yoga and exercise instruction or other materials to people with MS through our Lending Library.
  • $50 can provide transportation to an MS education program for someone with no means to get there.
  • $200 can pay for an occupational therapy home assessment for someone who is having difficulties with daily tasks around the house.
  • $300 can maintain the operation of an MS self-help group for an entire year.
  • $400 can pay for a driving assessment for someone who needs vehicle modifications in order to remain independent in their community.
  • $500 can help pay the rent for a family affected by MS that is struggling to pay medical bills and other expenses.
  • $750 can help people with MS pay for chore services to help with tasks they can no longer handle because of the disease — like shoveling the driveway or meal preparation.
  • $2,000 can provide a scholarship to help a young person affected by MS pursue a college education.

I like to think that last bullet will fund the education of the future neurologist who finds a cure! Don't forget to share with us how you are Moving It for MS Awareness Week! Check out this picture courtesy of Tracy Bohm who Moved It by spray painting a snow bank!

Keep up the great work CraniuMS MS Awareness Week All-Stars!
Jonathan Stupsky $250
Sarah Postula $85
Miranda Bailey-Quick $20
Sharon Stupsky $10

"Captain Crunch"

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