Friday, April 9, 2010


We’ve read time and time again on our team blog that participating in this MS Walk gives us back control in something that seems out of control on a day to day basis. Uncertainty is one of the biggest challenges when faced with MS. Often it is not the physical ailments, but the emotional struggles associated with coming to terms with a diagnosis.

Yet another reminder of a life lived with MS. Uncertainty. Being the optimist that I try to be, I decided to evaluate the “certainty” side of things and some of its well known synonym friends. Certainty is a state of mind in which one is free from doubt. Assurance is something that inspires or tends to inspire confidence. Confidence is great faith in oneself or one’s abilities. Faith is something that is believed with strong conviction. Conviction is a strong persuasion or belief.

I am certain that through your support we can do our best to play the best hand with the cards that were dealt. Certitude is a measure of a person's positive feeling about something; certainty is a measure of the degree to which a process or development may be realized. I can assure you that your support will inspire others to be the change they want to see in the world. And last but certainly not least, I am confident in CraniuMS and our conviction in the message we strive to deliver everyday.

Uncertainty can suck it...
"Captain Crunch"

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