Wednesday, April 7, 2010


CraniuMS is officially above average!

CraniuMS has spent the last 60 days rallying for support to help aid in the obstacles that those living with MS face everyday. Today we became 80% closer to our goal and passed the $8,000 milestone! With a new total of $8,037, CraniuMS has regained our momentum to proceed full steam ahead for the last 25 days of our fundraising mission! Proving to be the team to aspire to be like, CraniuMS is still holding onto the #1 spot in the top ten fundraising list for the Twin Cities!

Way to go everyone! Be proud that with the right amount of effort and determination, big changes can be made by you alone. It is nothing short of amazing that a small group of people have come together and made such a profound impact not only in how much money we have been able to raise for the National MS Society, but in the lives of anyone who is affected by MS.

A successful team beats with one heart!
"Captain Crunch"

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